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 Mobile Detroit 2050 

Mobile Detroit 2050 launches an international call for AI generated images to envision the future of urban mobility. Compelling AI images and visions have the power to change the course of current development. The widespread deployment of the car originated in Detroit and there is no better place to imagine futures for transportation, access, and mobility.

Innovation thrives with diverse perspectives. AI has the power to quickly produce images from text and as this technology moves into widespread use, it has the ability to democratize the work of thinkers, dreamers, and disruptors to contribute their unique visions of what lies ahead.

Mobile Detroit 2050 asks for images of and from the future. How will we move about the city in 2050? Images will be selected for exhibition during the Month of Design 2023 in Detroit. The work will be the basis for roundtable discussions, jury panel, and publication.

The deadline for AI image submission closed on  Friday August 11, 2023. 

Mobile Detroit 2050 is supported by the College of Architecture and Design at Lawrence Technological University.